Sharing the good life... bags that educate girls worldwide

Inspired by all things associated with spending time at the beach, Cape Haven was created in the summer of 2014 with the goal of bringing the relaxed beach style to a line of small travel bags, while also supporting our mission of educating girls in poor areas of the world. 10% of all our sales are donated to girls education.

We source only natural, high quality fabrics (mostly cottons and linen). When we can source US made fabrics and components, we do! Our products are made by hand with attention to detail.

The Cape Haven name came from our beach cottage on San Juan Island that bears that name (our haven at Cape San Juan). The relaxed island life we enjoy there inspired our "flip-flop" logo as well as our name. It is our hope that Cape Haven products will make you smile and inspire you to relax and share the good life with those less fortunate.

Please visit us at to learn more about our story, how our donations are being used, where to purchase our products and more!

sharing the good life... bags that educate girls worldwide

Cape Haven bags are made from natural materials like linen and cotton, with designs inspired by the beach that surrounds us.
10% off our sales support girls education in the Middle East through a partnership with HER (Hope.Educate.Rise),